How much does the Solo Skiff cost ?

The Solo Skiff has an MSRP of $ 1,850, plus shipping / destination cost (shipping to the retailer) This averages $125. This includes the hull rigged with the 2 rod tubes, hatch, grab rail, and the hatch pull or latch, and the insulated built in cooler which can also be used as a live well.

Where can I see a Solo Skiff ?

To see the Solo Skiff just go to a local Solo Skiff retailer /dealer. For locations check out the dealer page. If you cannot locate a dealer near you call us to order or help.

Does the motor come with the boat ?

No- the motor is not included. To see what is included go to the specifications page, the top view picture shows the standard Solo Skiff

How many models of Solo Skiff are there ?

There is one model of the Solo Skiff. The Roto-molded is the model pictured on our site. Pictures of a composite version can be seen on the web but is no longer produced by us.

What accesories do you have for Solo Skiff ?

Please see your local dealer for a list of items you can use with your Solo Skiff.

What are the specs of the Solo Skiff

14′-4″ LOA

41″ Beam

150 Lb hull weight

5 Hp max -Short shaft (15″ motor)

400 Lb capacity

Construction – Rotomolded Polyethylene

Do I have to register my Solo Skiff ?

All states require powerboats to be registered, including the Solo Skiff. For more info please check with your local state agency. Thank you.

What length motor goes on a Solo Skiff

The Solo Skiff uses a short shaft motor. You cannot use long shaft motors. Most shorts shafts are spec at 15″ although actual measurements will vary. Just ask for a short shaft

How fast will the Solo Skiff go with an outboard ?

The Solo Skiff will plane with a 200 pound passenger and a 2.5 Hp Motor. The aprox speed will vary but around 8-10 mph, 12-13 with a 3.5Hp, and with a 5Hp aprox 18 mph

What is the best way to clean my Solo Skiff hull ?

Mr Clean Magic Eraser- The Bath model… NOTHING better- simply dampen and scrub

majic eraser

Do you have a trailer for the Solo Skiff ?

We do not have a specific trailer for those without pick-up trucks. However, there are MANY trailers available out there. Any trailer that will carry a canoe or jet ski will work.
You need :
Any 14′ frame (not total length) trailer which is saying 14′ from ball hitch to the rear cross frame member you should tell your trailer dealer.
Bunks (2) spaced about 12-14 inches apart.

For more info contact any dealer of trailers as we do not have trailer info.

Can you ship me a Solo Skiff ?

Yes we can ship one anywhere you like

Can I order from the factory ?

If you are ready to order a Solo Skiff,and can find no dealer within 100 miles  email or call us and we will be happy to help you locate a dealer or help get one on order , Thank you !

What colors do the Solo Skiff come in ?

Seafoam green, gray (very light) and brown.

Subject to availability / inventory at retailers

What is the Solo Skiff made of ?

The Solo Skiff is all one piece rotomolded polyethylene.

How big is the built in cooler ?

20150202_091522The built in cooler tapers forward and is aprox 4 gallons. Large enough to hold more than a dozen bottles of drinking water ice and lunch. Aprox dimentions are 10″ deep, 22″ long…see pictures, it is tapered.

Does the cooler have a drain ?

The cooler drains through the bottom of the hull to allow cleaning. A standard 1″ hull plug seals to keep out water. See picture in the gallery.

Where is the gas tank ?

The fuel tank is built into the outboards that are typically used on a Solo Skiff. Look on top of the motor- notice the cap ! Some small engines have small plastic  external tanks you can use with them- see various makers websites for specifications.

Do you have demo or used boats ?

No we do not sell demo or used Solo Skiffs

What are the storage area dimentions ?

The hatch opening is aprox 14 x 16″ The inside box dimension is 12″ deep, and size 18″ x 22″. The distance between stringers is 14″ There is also aprox 5″ from the hull bottom to bottom of floor between stringers fore and aft….see video for a visual

Can I use a mud motor ?

Yes – kits from Swamp Runner.

Can two people use the Solo Skiff ?

The Solo Skiff is designed for one person at a time and is only rated for one.

Can I become a dealer for Solo Skiffs

If you would like to speak to us about becoming a dealer,please email us and tell us to discuss. Please include your store location, and website information as well.

Please put DEALER INQUIRY in subject line.

What is the draft of the Solo Skiff ?

The Solo Skiff empty draws one inch of water.  The skiff with a motor and a 200 pound person will draw three inches.

What is best – Electric or outboard ?

The answer depends on you and the way you use the Solo Skiff. Please see the article about powering your skiff.

Can I leave the Solo Skiff in the water ? Will the deck drain ?

Yes the deck will drain right off. The back of the skiff is open for this reason.

What size trolling motor do I need ?

30-40 Lb Thrust is plenty.

Can I add a livewell

Yes, the built in cooler can be used as a livewell.

Can I tip over a Solo Skiff ?

Any boat can be capsized. Rolling over a Solo Skiff is difficult. You have to try to especially with a battery and trolling motor installed. In certain conditions as in being broad side or parallel to waves you could inadvertently roll the solo skiff.  You should always keep the skiff in calm conditions.

Is the Solo Skiff considered a Micro Skiff?

The Solo Skiff is best thought of as a fishing kayak on steroids !